Design at a time of crisis


As the corona virus gets a hold of the world and spreads in a lot of places at an alarming pace, people are worried that life as they know it has gone down the tubes and that it will not be the same again for them. However this is largely unfounded, as new technologies and brand new techniques of working, especially in the design industry, are taken on on a wide scale and are being used or can be used in the international fight against the disease. At Deflamel, we are at pains to point out that it is business as usual.

For the Deflamel team, the show goes on despite the global spread of the virus.

Clients can carry on as normal and design projects can progress in spite of the virus, and will continue whether the designer is working at home instead of in the office, or whether he is self isolating or in quarantine. These are tough times that we are living in, but there is no reason to suggest that the design industry cannot survive the latest scare and come out the other end in a better shape then how they entered the period in the first place.

The whole design industry is changing and can adapt to changing times. The industry also has the capability of getting the better of the uncertain period that we are all living in at the moment as a world community, and has the potential to follow the light and come out the end of the tunnel in good shape and in a way that will benefit the industry leaders, professionals and clients on the whole

One way in which we will see a shift in the design industry, and we recognize this at Deflamel, is in the way that people work. It is said that a virus can spread quicker in an office environment. While remote working, or working from home or your local shopping mall, came into practice at the turn of this century it was slow to take on and reach a huge take up by the workers. Now in the time of a global pandemic, workers are being told to work away from the office and in isolation, preferably from the comfort of their own homes. This will enduce a new practice in the way designers work in the future and will change and possibly improve the channels of communications between employee and employer.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been coming on to the design industry in recent times more and more, and is being earmarked as a corner stone in the future of the way people work and how the industry is operating. AI will lead to automation in the work process and will lead to greater efficiencies in the businesses. As the computer systems adapt to meet the demands of the industry at large, people will also have to adapt to meet new ways of earning a living, but in the same line of work.

We understand that people may wonder whether it is possible to carry on working while maintaining a healthy distance from your colleagues at the same time. Social distancing is a phrase that is coming in to vogue more and more as the news of the virus spreads on our television screens and the challenge that meets workers in the design sector is how to keep a distance from their fellow workers, while at the same time doing the job that they have been asked to do.

This is where AI comes in. AI will make sure that methods of communication are enhanced and retained with the client, even though the designer might be at home or in self isolation and in quarantine. AI will also guarantee that an isolated employee does not feel left out if he is working from home or in isolation, as the automation that AI brings will in effect make his life, and ultimately his job, that much easier in the process.

At Deflamel, we are of the opinion that the design industry will be the better for the experience of the corona virus and that the world as a whole, and in particular the design industry, has the possibility to come out of this crisis in  a better position than it found itself in before the outbreak.

People, can have more relaxed and flexible working conditions from having to work from home, and through the implementation of machine learning, we have the chance of enhancing the already existing techniques and work processes which we are used to. We have the opportunity to improve our lives and the world around us in the process.