The trends and fashions of the design industry in 2020


Design industry

Each year brings new fashion and with it new trends and ways of doing things that demand attention and which entice people to copy them, and implement their designs into their lives and ways of working. Even though we are a few months into 2020, it is worth looking at what the trends will be for the remainder of the year, and what will be the latest things for fashionistas to look at and admire.

When a company is going about the making of a product that is easy to look at and at the same time very functional, it is important not to be too dramatic and not to go to too many extremes in the process. Even the presently popular soft-colorful shadow operates well only if it’s implemented on buttons and or on icons. It would be difficult to apply it to the product as a whole.

The use of typography has been changing a lot in recent years and graphic designers are coming to terms with different styles as they play around with a variety of methods of getting a project out. Line art has been introduced to graphic designers and a range of typography is being implemented in the process and the end result is being seen as a new way forward.

The norm of outline typography and elements which were very widespread in the last two years is now changing into fully illustrated and animated line art patterns and designs. Line art as an illustration style is more schematic and therefore it is a good conduit for ideas and concepts. It comes out as smooth, elegant, and unobtrusive. Line art is one of the decoration styles of choice in graphic design trends this year. Graphic designers are playing around with typography in a big way so as to make more innovative and contemporary compositions. Festooned with flowers, geometric forms, and even more creative elements, artistic typography is definitely an ideal solution to attract attention.

In terms of maxi typography, it is a case of the thicker, the better. Heavy fonts and lettering are already being seen a plenty in the sphere of graphic design. They are to be seen in logos, posters, on web designs, and also on package design. And the lettering will be on a big scale.Semi-transparency in typography is a trend being seen already. Parts of words overlapping each other, so called ‘double typography’ where the second copy is transparent, or just semi-transparent typography placed over photographs and other forms of design composition.

The design industry is never very far from artificial intelligence (AI).

In terms of voice interfaces, there are widespread fears about privacy and creepy AI. In recent times, Alexa has given false and often dodgy recommendations to users and though it is in need of fine tuning as a technological innovation, it is a trend that is worth monitoring this year and definitely in the future. As its stands, it is really in the progress stage, and forces a lot of people to shake their heads and wonder whether they want smart speakers eavesdropping on their every word.

One such fashion mover that we would like to see more of is that of technological developments for cell phones, so that designer’s lives will be made easier and less awkward. Trends are being hammered out all the time for mobile devices which are being used in the graphic design sector and so far appeal to users for their ease of use and flexibility. But until we get those brain-computer interfaces talking to a person’s cellphone and helping designers work more with them, it may still feel awkward for someone to write a long text message on a bus or a train.

Designers and the design industry in general look towards innovators and fashion trends to make their work and ultimately their lives that little bit easier, and when new gadgets and ways of going about business come onto the market, they are snapped up and used relatively quickly. At the moment we see a rise in the use of patterns and texture but used in a different way. Mixing more than one pattern in one design or merely parts of patterns filling the screen will be usual this year and in addition to the use and implementation of AI, 2020 will see many a trend set in the design industry.