Seamless communication for the remote worker


Working from home was a trend that was common enough in practice in the recent past, but then along came the corona virus and changed a lot of things. Workers, and amongst that number graphic designers, have been told to stay at home and where possible to work from home and this has created a new environment whereby the designer is linked to his main office through technology and through on going communication on both the part of the worker and the management team.

In working remotely, the graphic designer will have to use a range of technological means which have been available for quite some time, like talking to his manager through email or cell phone, and by having a good internet connection on his home based computer. However the main aspect that will help the home worker no end and will improve his design project is if he uses Artificial intelligence (AI) in his work practices.

One package open for the graphic designer to use is the AI Wizard. Using the so called AI Wizard, design can easily be created for the needs of the designers who are working from home. With this software, a wide range of applications have developed and supported for a range of things including diary management, ration balancing, accounting and customer management. This AI Wizard has been created and developed with the on going design input of a lot of professionals in the AI industry. AI Wizard is the most recent incarnation of the commonly used DOS software package called ABS Wizard.

In using AI Wizard, the worker will introduce speedier working practices and therefore, at the same time, will highlight greater efficiencies. The graphic designer working from home will be able to see the advantage of being linked with his central office very quickly. In using AI in the design process, the users will merely need to describe what he would like to see in text format and the system will be able create a suitable design in just a matter of a couple of minutes.

A lot of other people apart from graphic designers will need to be up to scratch with design these days, and who are also working from home and using AI to make life easier for them. Yoga and fitness trainers, who will be able to give lessons in their home based studio, will need to be up to speed on design if they are to attract new customers to their repertoire, who will need to look for other more efficient ways of creating brochures to advertise their business, as will various tutors of academic subjects and possibly even music teachers teaching online.

The future of distance working has changed as a result of the corona virus and will be enhanced no end by using AI in the design projects, especially AI Wizard. A designer at home will only need to input the various aspects of the project that he would like to see from the rough outlines that he has been developing at the start and he can be easy in the knowledge that AI will make his endeavors more enticing for the management team in the process and will bring about cost savings and a quicker project delivered to the client at the end of the day.

In using AI Wizard, and AI in particular, into a design project, advantages will be seen for the remote designers working from the comfort of their own homes. They will be able to implement standard processes, such as object detection, to a greater degree than they were able to before, and the design manager will introduce cost savings as a result of being able to reduce overheads, the likes of electricity and rent on the business premises. AI will be a friend of the remote employee during the corona virus outbreak and can promise to aid him in any future projects.