Social media design in today’s online world


Social media design in today's online world

Given both the increasing popularity of social media platforms and websites internationally and its ever more enhanced uses by companies throughout the world to harness their power and potential, it is ever more important that design businesses out there can get their design specifications correct from the start if they are to make the most of what social media can provide. There are a few simple aspects that should be taken into account from the outset.

If a person is a newcomer to the world of design wanting to get an idea out there in the general public, it is necessary to take to heart some much needed design features. Two features would have to be taken on board by the design operation before embarking on an online design project, they being the use of color in the website and that of different font sizes and typography. If the design manager can get this right from the beginning, it can promise to be a very worthwhile journey for both the design team and the clients in their portfolio.

One of the most vital and difficult part of any social media design is color. It allows for a mood to set in, it can bring about an atmosphere, convey emotions, and in the process even remind an individual of forceful experiences from his past. In this way, the user will engage more with the design of the site and the social media project will be a collaborative experience for both sides concerned.

Shades of color come into the picture of the design too and it is useful for the team to get this right. It is important to find the right balance of light and dark, which would result in enlivening a company’s social media graphic design layout. Also important is the ability to combine different colors to help the graphic design become a real show-stopper. Some opposing color pairs are pinkish-red with aqua blue, light green with magenta, and bright yellow with plum purple. It is also advisable that the color of a design does not clash with any social media site already out there and that is competing with you, for instance with the blue hues of Facebook, otherwise this will work against you. 

There are other factors that come into play too in terms of social media design. It is important to build brand consistency, but at times it is necessary to bend some regulations to get the attention of the target audience. A company should try out fresh design techniques to see just what makes the audience click. In this way, a business might think of making use of textures or patterns to augment an intriguing contrast to product images.

Color and the use of color is not the only thing that a graphic design outfit will have to think of in this respect. It is said widely that typography is a form of art. Choosing the ideal font or set of fonts that go seamlessly in tandem can bring a business’ social media image to life. It can also have a major effect on just how their design is greeted by the audience and, at the end of the day, the message that their brand intentionally (or unintentionally) sets out to portray.

In starting a design, it is useful to know what message you want to put out, and if a font style is loud and brassy, it might go well with a more obvious idea behind the basic design. Font styles can make or break a design project or social media design and they are intrinsically linked to the overall picture. When picking which font or fonts to employ in the design one of the most important aspects to bear in mind is whether the message is easy to read.

In harnessing the use of color and font size and typography in social media design, the design team can enthuse the user by playing around with his moods and emotions while at the same time getting a good social media platform in place. Social media is an ever present feature of today’s connected world and it is important that designers utilize it to their own ends.