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We've created a tutorial video to help you learn to create a design through our website, which you can view below. You can also learn more on our How It Works page.

You can contact us several different ways to get your questions answered.

The easiest and quickest way to get help is to chat with us being clicking that little blue button in the bottom right corner of our website.

Our email is actually directly connected to our online chat, so if you don't need help right away or can't wait around just send us a message at

It's free to make as many designs as you like, but in order to download your new design, you will first have to purchase one of our packages.

To download a logo follow these instructions:

  • 1. Go to your Saved Designs and click the design you would like to buy
  • 2. Click the Buy button in the top right corner
  • 3. Select your package
  • 4. After your purchase has been processed, you'll be able to download your assets right away from our site on the post purchase page. Just click Download under the Design Assets section

Unfortunately, you cannot change a design after purchase. However, before payment you can play with your designs as many times as you want, until you are happy.


Yes, you can add your own foreground and/or background. Play with our style transfer to improve them.

Unfortunately, you cannot add your own font to a design at this time. Our algorithm only knows how to work with our current database of thousands of fonts. You can choose them in our graphics editor.

You can save your design at any time by clicking the Save button during editing. You can also undo changes in the editor by clicking the Return button. On the Saved Designs page, you can copy your project to change it and save a new version.

We can definitely help you design and customize your project, but we still highly recommend you spend some time playing with your design. You can learn to create your own design on our website by viewing our how-to video:

If you require design assistance after using the AI generator and editor, you can purchase the Senior Designer Time add-on. This add-on includes one hour of time with our designer who will complete the work on your project.


You can use Deflamel and save as many designs as you want for free. However, if you want to download and absorb the copyright, you’ll need to purchase the assets.

We have three packages in varying price ranges to suit your needs, click here to find out more.

Please, follow our special offers and promotions.

We accept credit cards, as well as PayPal.

After accepting the purchase by using Visa or MasterCard, a secure window with the CloudPayments processing service will open, where you need to enter the information of your bankcard. 3D Secure is used for additional user verification. If your bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to their server for additional authentication. You can find more information about additional authentication methods by contacting the bank, which issued the card to you.

As per our Terms of Service, we do not issue refunds following the download of files because there's no guarantee that these files will not be used following the download.

You're free to use your purchased design for any commercial or non-commercial use, and have full ownership of it. The copyright however, applies to your design as a whole and not the individual elements. If you need evidence in a copyright case, you can use your purchase dates on your receipt as proof of ownership.

Because you've made your own design, it will be personalized to you and the chances of someone creating an identical design are negligible. You use different design elements from our database of millions of unique images and fonts, combining their number and position and applying different styles. However, there is always a chance that someone else in the world will create a similar design, but such a chance tends to zero.

It's important to know that no person, agency, or designer can guarantee that no one will ever come up with a similar combination.