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It's great. For those who is not very profound with Photoshop – this will generally be a godsend.
A very good editor for some basic design. For beginning authors of e-books, it’s a good thing.
I tried it, it's a cool thing.
I just entered my poem, and it showed me my future book in a romantic style! How does it work? Very nice!
You can just poke around and create a cover for yourself. To entertain yourself and your readers, this is what you need.
Despite the fact that I’m good in Photoshop, it has become easier to input some keywords and fix results. Rather than to search for pictures, overlay, choose fonts and effects...
Good though give room for modification
its nice to have this design ❤️
I love this ❤️
you made a good software.
I love it...thanks 😍😍😍

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