AI has the chance to replace human designers


As technology is developing and new ways of working are implemented, people are starting to fear that their work and livelihood are threatened by the onslaught of robots. As artificial intelligence (AI) develops a pace, the role of the designer will have to change if it is to continue to exist and instead of being fearful of this technology, they should welcome it as a work colleague which will help them to adapt and change the way they work on design projects. 

The whole idea behind AI sounds threatening, especially to designers, the more so that it really is. AI is a technology that can exist using human like reasoning. And beneath all of this is an anxiety of what this could all mean for the designers of today, that AI will be creating ideas, designing and generally being creative instead of them.

On the whole that is not totally true. Technology can work hand in hand to reinvigorate the way we work. Humans have worked for a long time toward creating machines and technology which would totally revolutionize the way we go about things and the way we work. We have changed ourselves constantly to come up with technology that makes work and even life itself a little easier, and we’ve not only evolved ourselves but also as a result, the way we work and the work itself.

This is the same when we are talking about AI and the design industry. So while AI technology will take the place of designers, it will only take the place of the designers of today, not the designers of tomorrow. AI will evolve as a design partner and tool which designers can avail of to grapple with ever-changing workplace demands.

While examining trends in the industry, the job description of the designer will change. The role of the graphic designer has changed over time, from specializing in signs and symbols to industrial designers focusing on objects and artifacts. These days there are such people as experience or interaction designers who go further than objects to the experience as a whole.

In the not too distant future, designers will become behavior or system designers. It is possible to say that the production side of design will become automated by AI, it will be our aim to put down parameters and targets for algorithms to work out the behavior of such systems.

AI has the ability to create designs that mimic and evolve depending on more than one variable. When in the middle of a design project, we should not only picture how products will be viewed at a particular setting, but also how they drastically change depending on the ever evolving context and changing decisions taken by the users.

AI will indeed take the place of designers as we know them at the moment. Technological evolution is here to stay, even for those of us who are creative. But, it is possible to say that humans are a species that are made to evolve and change to suit the circumstances. As AI goes on changing and having an impact on the way people design, so too will people’s roles. Designers should feel less threatened by it and should welcome it with open arms as a partner which aids different ways of tackling problems.

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